2023/10/31 5:45 PM

DON'T NOD releases Jusant, its highly anticipated action-puzzle climber

Watch the launch trailer now

Paris, October 31st, 2023 - DON'TNOD, an independent French studio that creates, develops, and publishes video games is thrilled to announce the release of their highly anticipated action-puzzle climbing game, Jusant, today. The game is available on Steam, Xbox Series X|S (including Xbox Game Pass), and PlayStation 5. It is also supported by Nvidia GeForce Now.

Jusant's original soundtrack, composed by Guillaume Ferran, will be available on Steam; players can buy it alone or get the game and the soundtrack together in the Soundtrack Bundle. This remarkable soundtrack will also be available on digital platforms on day one, courtesy of our partner Kid Katana Records.

Watch the Jusant launch trailer here: https://youtu.be/6WorCBu7ZsI

This new trailer features a closer look at the climbing gameplay, reconnecting with nature, uncovering the tower's past, and adapting to climb new and more challenging environments. See more of the game's beautiful biomes, the Ballast, and the different ways you can climb.

DON'T NOD CEO Oskar Guilbert enthuses, “2023 has been a huge year for us at DON'T NOD so far, with the release of Harmony: The Fall of Reverie, our 15th anniversary, and now Jusant's highly anticipated release. We're very proud of all the teams involved and the hard work they've put in to get us here. We hope players fall in love with the climbing, the atmosphere, and the story of Jusant.

Jusant at Paris Games Week

DON'T NOD and Jusant will also be present at Paris Games Week this year, the biggest video game event in France, running from November 1st – 5th. Attendees can play Jusant at these three booths: Capital Games (Jeux Made in France), PGW Junior, and Xbox Microsoft. 

About Jusant

Enjoy meditative vibes in Jusant, an action-puzzle climbing game. Scale an immeasurably tall tower and ascend to new heights alongside your watery companion, the Ballast. Master your climbing tools, find your way up through diverse biomes, and piece together the tower's past. Challenge yourself at your own pace, explore different paths, and unravel the secrets from a bygone civilization.

Jusant is out now on Steam (with Nvidia DLSS 3 support upon release), Xbox Series X|S (including Xbox Game Pass), and PlayStation 5. Nvidia DLSS 3 RTX technology boosts frame rates while maintaining great image quality and responsiveness. It is also supported by Nvidia GeForce Now.

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DON'T NOD is an independent French publisher and developer, based in Paris and Montreal, creating original narrative games in the adventure (LIFE is STRANGETM, TELL ME WHYTM, TWIN MIRRORTM), RPG (VAMPYRTM), and action (REMEMBER METM) genres. The studio is internationally renowned for unique narrative experiences with engaging stories and characters, and has worked with industry leading publishers Square Enix, Microsoft, Bandai Namco Entertainment, Focus Entertainment, and Capcom. DON'T NOD creates and publishes its own IPs developed in-house, as well as using its knowledge and experience to collaborate with third-party developers whose editorial visions parallel the company's own.

Step into the studio's immersive and innovative universe at dont-nod.com

DON'T NOD (ISIN code: FR0013331212 - ALDNE) is listed on Euronext Growth Paris

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Chief Executive Officer

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