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The psychological thriller is coming out later this year on PC, PlayStation®4 and Xbox One™

June 15, 2020. DONTNOD Entertainment, an independent French studio that creates and develops video games, is delighted to unveil a new teaser for its narrative video game Twin Mirror™, the first game self-published by the studio. Premiering exclusively during the PC Gaming Show held on June 13, this teaser features the complex character of Sam Higgs in a new adventure from the studio, renowned for its multiple award-winning series Life is Strange™.

In co-production with Shibuya Productions and building on its partnership with Epic Games for the distribution of Twin Mirror™, DONTNOD is accelerating the implementation of its development strategy towards more self-publishing and co-production. To further meet the expectations of the community and fans of narrative adventure games, the experience has been completely redesigned to allow players to enjoy this psychological thriller without interruption. Originally planned as an episodic game, Twin Mirror™ will be released in a single full experience in 2020.

Watch the teaser: https://youtu.be/q6JXGqSJh5E

Sam Higgs was done with Basswood, West Virginia, but it seems it wasn't done with him. When the former investigative journalist returns to his hometown to say a final farewell to his best friend, it soon becomes clear that there are more chapters to be written in his troubled history.

Forced to confront his past, Sam finds himself torn between reconnecting with his loved ones and using his unique intellectual abilities to uncover the town's dark secrets. But how do you know who to trust when you're not even sure you can trust yourself?

As his investigation progresses, Sam will uncover a web of intrigue that winds through Basswood's evocative locations and draws in its colorful residents. The same deductive reasoning and memory visualization skills that made Sam such an accomplished investigative journalist can help him untangle this mystery and unlock the truth buried deep within his unique mind.

Every decision, every interaction, every discovery will influence the direction of Sam's investigation and ultimately determine how much of himself he's willing to sacrifice. There are no right or wrong answers – Each player will live a truly unique experience tailored by their very own decisions.

Twin Mirror™ is the first title self-published by DONTNOD and co-produced with Shibuya Productions. The digital PC version of the game will be exclusively available on the Epic Games Store for one year. For the console version of the game, DONTNOD is once again partnering with BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment, in charge of distributing the game on PlayStation®4 and Xbox One™.

Twin Mirror™ will release this year on PlayStation®4, Xbox One™ and PC.

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About DONTNOD Entertainment

Founded in 2008, DONTNOD is an independent French studio that develops "AA" budget video games in popular genres, such as adventure (LIFE is STRANGETM, TWIN MIRRORTM), action (REMEMBER METM) and RPG (VAMPYRTM). Every new game is an original, natively multi-screen creation with a unique narrative experience and gameplay (consoles, PC, smartphones, tablets, Mac and TV) and is aimed at a wide audience, whether released in episodes by adopting the successful TV series format, or in "one shot” format. The studio has built an international reputation amongst leading publishers such as Microsoft, Square Enix, Focus Home Interactive, Bandai Namco Entertainment and Capcom.

DONTNOD (ISIN code: FR0013331212 - ALDNE) is listed on Euronext Growth Paris.

Step into the studio's immersive and innovative universe at dont-nod.com

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About Shibuya Productions

Shibuya Productions is a Monaco based company specialized in animation and video games with strong content such as Astroboy Reboot, Shenmue III and Cobra Return of Joe Gillian. http://www.shibuya-productions.com

About BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Europe S.A.S.

BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Europe S.A.S. part of BANDAI NAMCO Holdings Inc. is a leading global publisher and developer of interactive content for platforms including all major video game consoles, PC and mobile. The company is known for creating and publishing many of the industry's top video game franchises, including PAC-MAN™, TEKKEN™, SOULCALIBUR™ and DARK SOULS as well as new franchises such as LITTLE NIGHTMARES™ and THE DARK PICTURES ANTHOLOGYTM. For more information please visit www.bandainamcoent.eu. All the BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment products are available on the official store https://store.bandainamcoent.eu

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